Do you have muscle stiffness causing you pain and limiting movement? Do you have posture problems creating discomfort? Do you often feel your body is tired and aching at the end of the day? Are you stressed, exhausted and tense? Do you have a sports injury which needs to be resolved?

I can help relieve this pain. People involved in all sports push their bodies hard, often losing out on recovery time and sleep as they try to balance sport with work and their everyday life. A sports massage can be immensely beneficial by helping to heal any injuries and helping you improve with your training. You may have an injury stopping you from performing adequately, you may need help during a heavy period of intense preparation, or you may simply need to revitalise your limbs before an important sporting event.

Even if you don’t regularly take part in any particular sport, you will still notice the intense benefit of a deep tissue massage. Each massage treatment is personalised and tailor-made to help people suffering from muscular tension, stress and fatigue. The versatility and effectiveness of deep tissue massage therapy is an ideal treatment for many everyday aches and pains, and can help with neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, leg and knee pain, chronic muscular aches and pains and sports-specific injuries.

A sports massage will help release adhesions in the muscle and fascia, and after a massage you may be prescribed a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles and joints weakened through exercise. While a sports massage can help deal with acute and chronic injuries, a deep tissue massage will help to liven your muscles and will both relax and invigorate you at the same time.

A graduate from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage, I specialise in treating patients with sports injuries who are seeking relief from the pain and discomfort this may cause, as well as offering Deep Tissue Massage and for those seeking a relaxing or invigorating therapeutic experience. Treatments are available both on and off site.

On-site treatment prices:

30 minutes – £45
60 minutes – £65
90 minutes – £90

Please ask about rates for home visits, which are also available.

What clients say

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    review rating 5  When I was having a low day I stumbled across Hands-On massage and was so pleased Colin could fit me in right away. I found myself in a serene location and left feeling a much lighter and brighter version of myself. Thank you Colin.

    thumb Ride with Ashleigh

    review rating 5  Colin helped ease a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders/back. I really liked his approach from the very start and I will definitely go back. His space is also extremely clean and relaxing.

    thumb Antonija Kuzmanic

    review rating 5  Colin was fantastic - I really have felt the benefit of my 30 minute massage and will go back again. He was clear and also informative. Would completely recommend!

    thumb Caroline Bradley

    review rating 5  Colin was very nice since the moment that I contact him. His massage helped me to heal a blocked neck/back. Totally recommend his services! Very nice, clean and relaxing ambiance.

    thumb Luisa Vdg

    review rating 5  Very welcoming and comfortable experience. I went to Colin as I was suffering from lower back pain, which I got from lifiting heavy at the gym. After assessing my issue and how serious it was, Colin knew exactly how to approach my body and after the massage, I was left speechless. Highly recommend Hands-On Sport massage. 10/10!

    thumb Shahzad Zukhruf

    review rating 5  Highly recommended. Colin was fortunately able to see me on the same day I called. He’s a genuinely caring guy who has found something he loves to do and is good at it. Awesome massage.

    thumb Mike Harris

    review rating 5  I found Colin to be a very nice caring guy. It was the first time that I came to him and received a warm welcome. I explained to Colin that I was very tense in some areas of my body and was having pain in my right arm due to a fall. As soon as Colin started massaging me I became less tense than I was by the nice calming strokes that he used for the massage. I liked some new massage techniques that Colin used and had never experienced before. At the end of my treatment I was very relaxed and slept well that night. I would recommend Colin and look forward to seeing him again.

    thumb jay singh

    review rating 5  I found Colin to be a very nice caring guy. It was the first time that I came to him and received a warm welcome. I explained to Colin that I was very tense in some areas of my body and was having pain in my right arm due to a fall. As soon as Colin started massaging me I became less tense than I was by the nice calming strokes that he used for the massage. I liked some new massage techniques that Colin used and had never experienced before. At the end of my treatment I was very relaxed and slept well that night. I would recommend Colin and look forward to seeing him again.

    thumb jay singh

    review rating 5  Colin is a genuine and caring masseur who really gives of himself. He had a good sense of my tight and sore areas just by touching them and I felt very well looked after. I had been feeling extremely stiff and tense and he was able to see me the same afternoon which was great. It was a truly safe and relaxing experience and I hope to go back for more soon.

    thumb Kevin Grayson

    review rating 5  I was looking for a sports massage person who would support me with the long distance walking which I love: I am in my 60s and have been experiencing some discomfort from tight ITB and calves. Colin did an initial session to help prepare me for 4 days of fairly demanding hill walking in the Lakes, followed by an intensive hour on my return, so that my legs are definitely less achey than often after such expeditions. Now my husband has been for a general massage and is also delighted with Colin's knowledgeable approach and obvious professionalism. Lovely clean, convenient consulting room, too.

    thumb EH bell

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Customer Reviews:

Colin was responsive and saw me really quickly which was great as I was in some discomfort. His practice is really easy to find in a lovely room in his house. He made me feel immediately at ease and was thorough and knowledgeable in my treatment. I can’t recommend him enough.

Ruth H

I can honestly say that the massage I received from Colin at Hands-On Sports Massage was the best I have ever had. I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis as well as the general aches and pains that come with getting older, so I really felt in need of help when I visited.
Colin welcomed me into a beautiful house, and a relaxing and impeccably clean treatment room. I immediately felt at ease. He clearly has expert knowledge of anatomy and took a history of my various ailments before we began. We were able to agree together about the best way to approach the treatment, and as a result the massage was both incredibly soothing and relaxing as well as genuinely beneficial in terms of my daily pain. I will be returning and can wholeheartedly recommend Hands-On Sports Massage.

Bonny G, teacher

I came to Colin as I had muscle tension in my arms and shoulders after recovering from a triple shoulder fracture and I’d also developed fatigue from my gym workout after almost a year out. He has great knowledge of the workings of the muscles and after an in-depth consultation he gave me a very relaxing and therapeutic massage, which after just three sessions means I’m now back to normal. A big plus for me was the comfort and cleanliness of his treatment room and very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Colin for his excellence and knowledge.

Justin B, BA Cabin Crew

I have seen Colin a couple of times now and will continue to visit him for treatments going forward. Since my initial consultation Colin has used a mix of massage techniques to effectively target my muscle complaints. He is personable and professional and makes one feel very at ease in his clean and comfortable studio. Not only has he helped reduce my muscle tension, I leave every session feeling relaxed and refreshed. Highly recommended!

Joseph P, finance executive

I came to Colin with a body full of aches and pains. I couldn’t sleep because my back pain was very intense. With only one treatment I felt lighter, some of the worse pain was gone and I slept very well that night and have continue doing so.
I particularly like Colin’s professional approach, with an email before my treatment, asking if there was anything specific that needed attention. I will definitely be back for more treatments and recommend him to my friends.

Charlotte J


Brilliant! Colin was knowledgeable, charming and gave a fantastic massage – its not only a remedial experience but wonderfully relaxing one as well. Price was good value for London massages and was actually by far the best massage I’ve had living in London for 10 years. Convenient location near the tube too. Will go back.

Gregory A, solicitor

I’ve been seeing Colin for regular sessions in the run up to my first ever marathon (!). He has been attentive in assessing the various changes in my aches, pains, and tensions as my running program increases in difficulty, and he adapts accordingly. I’ve found the combination of massage and stretching works well for me and eases fears of the possibility of injury close to the big day. He also puts you at ease and you’ll find it a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Shelly C, Charity organiser


 My massage experience was excellent: Colin talked me through the process and asked about any specific injuries I wanted him to focus on. His approach was very professional and made me feel at ease. I am a runner, and although I didn’t have any specific injury or pain, I had the usual feelings of muscle tension due to a lack of stretching. Afterwards I felt relaxed, and the next day even better. Colin used different and effective massage techniques, especially a side-lying technique which I had not experienced before! I look forward to my next visit. I would highly recommend Colin.

Sachin S, Technical Arcitect


 My massage experience was excellent: Colin was interested in what I was looking for, and made some useful suggestions.  He was very professional in his approach and yet exuded warmth at the same time, and I felt fully involved in the process.  The massage was very relaxing and also refreshing.  I had come from a long day at work and felt energised again afterwards.  I would highly recommend Colin.

Natasha M, Modern Languages teacher


 I’ve had massages from a wide range of practitioners and across a number of styles down the years. I had completed a marathon a week before so before I went to Colin so was ready for a top quality massage. Colin’s soft tissue massage was as good as any I’ve had. His touch was spot on, his manner was very engaging and informative and I felt great afterwards, both immediately and the next day. Thoroughly recommended!

Dr Tony Ryan, Psychotherapist


 I am a regular runner, and started developing sciatica in my left leg at the end of 2015, which was affecting my ability to exercise.  From our first meeting, Colin was able to identify the cause of my problem quickly and effectively, and his massage technique is varied and inventive.  He quickly developed a very focused range of techniques specifically to address the tension in my lower back that was affecting my sciatic nerve, and the positive impact on my condition was quick and significant.  I have also had more general relaxation massages from Colin after extensive exercise or very busy work periods, and his ability to gage my requirements and customise the individual session to suit my needs was excellent.  I have enjoyed massages from several therapists over time, and Colin is second to none in my experience.

Carlo D, Film & TV Executive


 Colin offers a great massage for the stressed office worker. My neck and shoulders are really knotted from too much time on the computer and I was impressed with the range of techniques Colin used to reduce my tight muscles.

Wendy M, Head of Marketing


 I really enjoyed the massage from Colin. I didn’t have any specific ailments but I was looking for a massage which could be a mixture of stretching tired muscles and relaxing them as well. Colin talked me through the massage process and used some new techniques which I had not had received before. I appreciated learning a couple of self-massage routines which I can use at home. I look forward to my next booking.

Andy L, Film Producer

About me

  • Based in Hampstead: BTEC level 5 graduate in Soft Tissue Therapy from prestigious London School of Sports Massage


  • Experienced in treating clients with a wide range of sports injuries seeking relief from muscle pain, aches and discomfort


  • Fully qualified in Deep Tissue Massage, ensuring a treatment unique to each patient and producing individualised results


  • Excellent rapport with patients on a personal level, offering treatments leaving clients relaxed in both body and mind


  • Completely fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and English


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